Online Marketing Fundamentals is a resource for small business owners to acquire practical marketing techniques. We help small business owners apply fundamental internet marketing strategies to help them get new customers and make more money even if they never want to turn on their computer. All good things, be it they buildings, athletics, music; everything with lasting value has been built on a strong foundation. A set of fundamentals is essential for all good performance. This same philosophy holds true for internet marketing. The biggest reason most websites and internet marketing efforts fail to perform to their owners expectations is they lack in pure fundamentals. This is because most website developers, while they know how to create and launch a website, dont have the first idea of business or marketing. Business owners just expect their webmaster to provide a complete and worthy serve. The fact is though, these people are generally not trained in internet marketing. This leaves business owners high and dry, disillusioned and disappointed about their online marketing investment. This video sheds light on the 3 Online Marketing Fundamentals we call The 3 Cornerstones Of A Rock-Solid Online Presence. They are 1. A Massive Online Footprint 2. A Good Website 3. A Conversion Devic