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CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT LEAD GENERATION Call Kenneth or Eliene Ford at 314-266-1866 or 50 8-293-1745 to learn more about online lead generation. Mass Internet Marketing Media Co. can provide both the technical skills and the marketing knowledge necessary to create an online lead flow. Using properly structured landing pages, strong offers, and properly located opt in forms are only a part of the equation. You have to be able to drive targeted traffic with sufficient commercial intent to those landing pages, or you have simply built an expensive billboard in the virtual wilderness. MIMMCO will provide proper market research, and traffic generation strategy, along with the technical nuances demanded by the proper top of the funnel strategy. If internet marketing is not a part of your organizations marketing and sales strategy, its time to come into the 21st Century. Most shoppers, of any good or service, search online, before they dial a number or go to a physical location. Make sure you stop – missing out on the online marketing opportunities available in your marketplace. Call MIMMCO.