Nirvana: Nevermind 20th Anniversary [Jon Stewart interview] Part 1/7

Daily Show host Jon Stewart will hosting a Q&A session with the surviving members of Nirvana on a SiriusXM broadcast celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark album Nevermind. Grohl and Novoselic also recalled how Nevermind felt like a dream come true. "It didnt really seem like this would happen. It was almost like a scam." That might explain the bands frugal living conditions during the recording: Nirvanas members split a room in a $70-a-night hotel. Then again, rappers Kid n Play were fellow residents of the Oakwood Corporate Apartments, where Grohl apparently met them at the free breakfast buffet; also among the hotels denizens were "The Final Countdown" rockers Europe. The interview was held in a "town hall" style, where the live studio audience and callers at home could ask questions. Other topics discussed, according to Newsday, included the use of a click track (at Vigs request, Grohl used a metronome for his drumming on "Lithium" and "Something in the Way"), alternate producer choices (along with Vig, candidates included Neil Young producer David Briggs and REMSmithereens producer Don Dixon), and, of course, Kurt Cobains absence. "I wish Kurt was here," Novoselic said. "Theres a big hole here." Remember to visit Krist´s youtube site at: The Susie Tennant Fund: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: <b>...<b>

20 thoughts on “Nirvana: Nevermind 20th Anniversary [Jon Stewart interview] Part 1/7

  1. WOW for a Nirvana super fan this is the most these 3 have talked about this album in 20 years combined. LOVE IT!!!!!

  2. good to hear all the good memories from Krist and Dave but it’s just so sad that Kurt can’t be there laughing with all of them ):

  3. for some reason dave annoys me. I don’t want him to but he does. plz dont respond to this comment.

  4. Jon Stewart is a hipster….. He is funny but now I think he is a total douchebag!

  5. @odiumimbues I don’t know why but that is the same for me! And it’s strange because I loved Dave at the time of Nirvana … maybe not as much as I loved Kurt and Krist but in any case I loved him.
    Today I can’t stand him…even when I look at his old interviews…and I keep telling myself that there must be a reason for that … I’m sorry if I replied to your comment

  6. @xxAnne81 maybe hes just an ordinary guy and all the magic really was with krist and kurt. He makes music, but I can’t stand listening to it for too long. Maybe it is because he has nothing to fight for now. Maybe he should change trades and do what he is suppose to do?

  7. @SystemXpander – I think he’s perfect for it. Just the sense of humor the band was all about. Did a good job as well.

  8. @SystemXpander I’m guessing you’re not over 25. This guy wasn’t always wearing a suit and making fun of politics. I remember seeing him in a leather jacket and ripped jeans, interviewing people on MTV. Guy knows his music, and he is/was a fan of Nirvana.

  9. Nirvana is the only band which is stuck on my live. I have always mixed feelings, sad, highly emotional.

  10. Can u check if you forgot to check a box that says ‘make available for mobile devices’ or something?

  11. @SystemXpander Jon Stewart originally came from the alternative 90’s scene, he is totally credible and hosted a show back then that had underground bands like Belly and lots more.

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