NIPS 2011 Domain Adaptation Workshop: Transportability and the Bias-Variance Trade-off

Domain Adaptation Workshop: Theory and Application at NIPS 2011 Invited Talk: Transportability and the Bias-Variance Trade-off by Karthika Mohan Abstract: Transportability is a recently proposed framework that examines whether or not a particular statistical or causal relation can be transported from a source domain to a related target domain given some knowledge of the differences between the domains, usually by appealing to graphical criteria. Transportability allows us to exploit the structure of the source and target domains, but is rigid in the sense that each relation is said to be either fully transportable or not. We propose a relaxation of transportability, and provide examples illustrating how this relaxation can be used to determine whether or not to conduct a new study or collect new data. Finally, we briefly mention ongoing research formalizing and quantifying the bias-variance tradeoff that arises when determining whether to mix source and target data under various graphical criteria.