Nick Jonas on being ticklish, dating fans and older women (Part 1)

This is an extra Q&A session from when Nick hosted Regis and Kelly,. its pretty hilarious. The watermark will go after one minute. Part 2 link: I do not own this video, all rights go to the owners.

24 thoughts on “Nick Jonas on being ticklish, dating fans and older women (Part 1)

  1. well, I’m ot from the USA, I’m from Spain, Europe, and i didn’t even know about her existance before Nick started dating her. And I’m not hating on her, I’m just telling my truth.

  2. Well you probably haven’t heard of a lot of people with more talent than the Jonas Brothers, like Keane, Fleetwood Mac…whatever, just because the Jonas Brothers are sold to tweens without any real musical talent behind them. They’re just a product of pop culture. If you google Delta, she has already achieved more than them and has soooo much talent, so my point was, she doesn’t need to use them for fame.

  3. first of all, you don’t know anything about me, so stop supposing what I know and what I don’t. I actually don’t even like the Jonas Brothers, I used to, when I was a 15 years old teen, but not now. I like another kind of music, not pop, but that just has nothing to do with this. In my opinion, she isn’t reliable. That’s allMaybe I’m wrong, I don’t know her, but it’s my opinion and you have to respect me. And I don’t care about how long has she been in this bussines, that’s not what I’m talking

  4. about. I’m just saying that here at least, nobody knows about her. Ah, and I’m not insulting your musical taste, please, don’t insult mine. I actuallylike a lot of groups like artic monkeys, the beatles, the who or franz ferdinand. But if i liked Jonas, what’s the problem?, if you wanna be respected, please respect others, cause here there are a lot of jonas fans, teens and not teens too, and they really like them the way you like Fleetwood Mac. And they respect you, please respect them too.

  5. and why do they have to be a band with no musical talent for teens, and a product of pop? just because you say it? oh please!

  6. Ok right this is the last time I will say it Delta is awesome I hope your happy now there over you all got your wish another two broken hearts wether they said it was mutal I don’t think so I luv them both the same I just wish people would leave them alone it’s there life

  7. Is it me or at 5:12 and 5:14 does it sound like Joe Jonas laughing in the audience?

  8. I think he’s lying OMG if I was Kelly I’d just pin him down and go mad into his armpits and hav him begging and screaming!

  9. Nick, please say you’d date someone 4 1/2 yrs younger than you…. <333

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