16 thoughts on “Niche Marketing – Ebay Keywords + Wordtracker = Domain Niche

  1. wow what great advice, I’ll be posting this on my blog later this evening (just a thought – you should brand your videos better ;-)

    btw where do you buy your sites?

  2. ebay, digital point … need to really search though the crap though. I know i need to brand my videos better, I need a quick and easy solution. Anyway glad it helped …bj

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    that is very awesome i love this

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  7. wonderful advice, thanks alot man. I never thought about combining ebay with wordtracker.
    my sincere thanks

  8. yah i found a 450,000 a month search with only 3,600 pages on google lol i bought the domain as a niche keyword because it was availible as rare as that is lol

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