Newly formatted and partitioned! Get your .ZA domain met EISH, ja! :LTG Episode 115 =Quick Geek= *Broadband in SA let down by private sector: DoC advisor ** *New .za domains on the way ** *SMS pricing: MTN, Vodacom hit back at Cell C ** *Cheapest bundled ADSL prices ever in SA ** *Nedbank credit cards rejected by Paypal, Amazon ** *Jelly Bean (4.1) now available for S3 ** *Absa intros LCD, NFC card ** *Pirate Party MEP Helps Draft New Credit Card Company Controls ** *Mozilla Makes Prototype of Firefox OS Available ** *A special thank you via Youtube: "Thank you for covering GIMP Magazine. Issue #2 is due out on December 5th, and GIMP Magazine will also be featured on a popular television show. Visit our website for more info" =Lets Talk Geek= ==Geek Talk== *The domain name system; What does the ZACR mean for geeks (and SA geeks in particular)? ==How To== *Get a proper whois result on domains *What is the difference between SQL and NOSQL dbs and is no sql really better? =What Geekery is this?= *100000 Stars **http *Trello ** *Slope ** *Geek Tech Picks ** ** =Kicker= Artist Creates Real Clouds Indoors Back To List of Lets Talk Geek Episodes **