NEW! Hosting 1.14 .CFG INFECTION LOBBY on MW2!! (PS3)

Can we get 30 LIKES on this VIDEO!?!?!?!? INSTRUCTIONS how to get ADDED by xH4CKINGMODZ: 1) SUBSCRIBE to H4CKINGMODZ 2) LIKE this VIDEO 3) COMMENT your PSN I am hosting from 15:30 until 16:30 (English Time).. If you comment after that time then I will not add you for obvious reasons… I will be checking if you are a subscriber, so please do not try and fool me. SUBSCRIBE to H4CKINGMODZ FOLLOW me on TWITTER

25 thoughts on “NEW! Hosting 1.14 .CFG INFECTION LOBBY on MW2!! (PS3)

  1. its also part of the deal if you comment in time (Y) (Read the description). For your information you are about 3-4 hours late. Sorry <3 I host daily or once every 2 days so try again later.

  2. I cant reply to everyone. The best way to communicate with me is through YouTube or Skype

  3. It says you posted this 6 hours ago (US pacific time) so does that mean you post everyday at noon for ( US pacific time)?

  4. Hey, i was just wondering how long it would take for you to add me. i recently subscribed and liked one of your other videos. just in case you didnt get my PSN; its treand

    P.S. im at local eastern time

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