Naya Rivera Hosts the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco, 2011 - The GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco. For more information about GLAADs work, please visit, http and

23 thoughts on “Naya Rivera Hosts the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco, 2011

  1. See, I was going to highlight some of my favorite quotes from this video by typing them up here…but then I went back and rewatched it to jog my memory, and I realized that to do that, I’d have to type the entire dialogue of the video. And I’d do it, too…if youtube would let me type more than 500 characters at a time o_o darn you, youtube, for stifling my obsession!

  2. Cute, sexy AND funny all at the same time….. Naya Rivera where have you been all my life!

  3. @candypritchett83 ok, i honestly forgot that i even posted that comment. i was just pissed because my aunt is gay so the comment kind of set me off. I didn’t mean too offended u or anybody else for that matter and I am truly sorry if i offended u………….I was just typing solely out of anger………….and again I am sorry if I offended u.

  4. @YoungOscarWinner And slut shaming, funny enough, is a form of bullying that (surprise, surprise) ALSO causes suicides. Look in a mirror before pointing fingers, love.

  5. @YoungOscarWinner she’s a COMEDY actress and is just being a presenter. she didnt say "if you are gay you should kill yourself"… i think the fact that she is there presenting the GLAAD awards is saying just the opposite. so before you belittle someone you DO NOT KNOW and call them a "clueless slut", maybe you should consider the millions of fans who have been able to accept who they are because of who she portrays on glee. I would consider her a great role model. and many would agree with me

  6. I love how she is just so funny and cute all the time. I actually started watching glee after seeing her perform. She is sooo talented!! :)

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