MySQL Database Creation on a Nexcess Hosting Account

This video demonstrates how Nexcess ( clients can create a MySQL database, as well as the primary user for the database, using the SiteWorx control panel. This demo is one in a series of videos available at http Please note that this video is not interactive and therefore does not require your input. Before we get started, please note that, in order to successfully create a MySQL database from within SiteWorx, you will need your SiteWorx Login information. This information is provided in the "Welcome" e-mail that was sent to you when your account was activated. Also, please note that, if you are a secondary user on another persons SiteWorx account, your user account must be set up with permission to create MySQL databases. Once you have created a MySQL database in SiteWorx,you will be able to set up the structure of the database and also perform a wide-variety of operations for administering the database,using the phpMyAdmin tool, which is accessible through the SiteWorx control panel. During the course of this demonstration, you will see how to: * Log in to SiteWorx * Access the MySQL Database Management page * Assign a name to the database, and then Create a user name, password, and the access permissions for user account. To get started, log in to SiteWorx using the login information that is provided in Welcome e-mail that was sent to you when your account was activated. On the SiteWorx main menu, click to expand the Hosting Features group, and then <b>...<b>