My Internet Marketing Struggle Story I Grew up thinking, like Robert Kiyosakis POOR DAD, that you had to go to school, get good grades, get a good paying job, and stay there for your best paycheck to paycheck future. This was GREAT for the 1980s mindset, when I graduated from high school in 1988, before the bad economy, and before the 2008 economic recession, and other STUPID repeat mistakes the governments around the world are making. Today, people are lucky to find a job in their given field of study, and if they do, the job does not pay what it should, does not offer full time in most cases, and certainly does not last long enough to create benefits to retire from when you are ready to leave. In this second video at you will see that I followed the old school values until January of 2007, when it almost put me in my grave with 4400,000 in debt and personal and financial stress than NOBODY should have to go through to "better" their lives and their future. You will also see that I have tried like crazy, spending close to $100000 over the last 4 years, to find internet marketing and business building strategies to get me out of the RAT RACE sooner than later, while working 70+ hours a week from January 2007 til August of 2008. In August of 2008, I found, after 9 months of research, what I thought was THE ANSWER to my internet marketing and business building struggles. This is when I started purchasing and studying every bit of internet marketing and business <b>…<b>