My First Magical Moment In Internet Marketing

My First Magical Moment In Internet Marketing In this video I explain my story and my experience in the direct sales industry. When I first got involved in Network Marketing I was so excited and I was hooked. As time went by I experienced a little success but none that I was happy with. I struggled big time and didnt experience the results that I desired. I was going to Meetings, doing presentations and calling everyone I knew. I spent hours doing this and I felt like I was working too hard for a measly 20% commissions. I later thought to myself that theres got to be a better and more effective way to do this. So what I began to do was search online for a better way. I ran into an awesome guy on the internet who later became my sponsor for my internet marketing business. My first magical moment was when I earned my first sale on autopilot. Never thought it would be that easy, all I did was simply share my link in a VSN CO-OP and I received some sales on autopilot. Im here to tell you that you can do this too, it doesnt take rocket science to figure it out, just massive action. Another magical moment I wanted to share with you is when I attended the Empower Network event in San Diego called "Fight The Forces Of Evil." This was an awesome experience, just to be able to meet the top leaders in Empower Network and network with them. It was a great feeling to meet some awesome people and get some of the most Bad @$$ training available in internet marketing today! Ever <b>…<b>

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