MW3 XP Lobby Free For PS3!!

Hey youtube, this is a MW3 XP Lobby on PS3!! After all updates 1.23. I did not host this one but i can host these. If you want to purchase these MSG the hoster PSN: xMotionxExotic Credit to MysteryAviate for recording. Sub To Him!! Also, if you want me to host them sub to me, and like the video! I will make a acc soon if I get 15 likes. PSN: iAddEveryone- Add that PSN everytime im on MW3 on that acc im most likely hosting. If you keep messaging me ima delete you. Sometimes i take brakes and use the UAV eboot. So im not always hosting. If my comment says hosting it means im hosting, if it says not hosting and you keep messaging me, your blocked I will do them for free you just have to follow my rules.

15 thoughts on “MW3 XP Lobby Free For PS3!!

  1. yo I subbed liked & favorite the video! Can you host a lobby? I can get you more likes from all my friends if you host an XP lobby!

  2. You have to follow my rules in order to work please! If you dont i will kick & block you

  3. I did what you said in the subscription, and I was wondering if you can get me to 15th? I’m 12th lv29 right know, it will help thank you!

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