9 thoughts on “Monetizing Expired Domains

  1. Nice to hear an SEO angle for a change. More SEO in this space could be healthy for us all.

    This definitely made me stop and think in a new way I had not before. This sounds a bit better than just cut and paste, "made for Google" sites, that were everywhere the last couple of years.

  2. Your videos are great I started buying domains about 3 months ago can you check out my site and tell me what you think….fitnesswonders,com my email is on the site I appreciate any help you can give me

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  4. ok, i’m new to this. i bought my firtst (expired) domain. Just one and want to know what’s next. I don’t want to bite off more than i can chew so i’m just trying out this one. It’s currently parked by godaddy,com which isn’t earning me ne profit so what are my options?

  5. @yousenib Did anyone answer your question in this post? That’s a good post and I would like to know th asnwer to those question myself.

  6. Hello Brian i have a question..i day i bought domain that i always exited about and i went to bed that same day just to have a dream about me taking a dump in my washroom, only to wake up with actual real dump in my bed.

  7. expireddomainswithpagerank [dot] com. this is a neat trick for finding expiring domains with page rank … daily

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