Minecraft server is now live! Hosted by Beastnode, location New York.

Most centralised location possible Beastnode.com server address: or mc.gamerstales.beastnode.net ~Mumble Server~ Download from: mumble.sourceforge.net Connection Guide: www.beastnode.com ~Texture pack~ Johnsmiths Misa Ozos Mixed & modified into: www.mediafire.com ~Music created by~ Matthew Bysouth

14 thoughts on “Minecraft server is now live! Hosted by Beastnode, location New York.

  1. Awsome! can’t wait to join i will not be able to join the mumble sadly i don’t have a mic but i should be able to in the future

  2. Fantastic first night!
    Mumble server is now up and running. Let me know via PM for details in game or youtube.

  3. Thanks again Mister D for all the trouble it’s taken to get to this point. It was worth it though, right?

  4. nvm my comment about the link on the building an empire episode 2 =P this link works fine :)

  5. Taking a little break! Will be kicking it all back into action when minecraft is updated to 1.3, plan to remake a lot of previous designs / ideas come the new world. ;)

  6. Using a plugin called CoreProtect. However I don’t recommend it, causes some server crashes after a while.

  7. It causes the server to crash after a while, i don’t recommend it. It’s a fantastic plugin, hope they fix it.

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