Minecraft Server hosted on a cell phone.

I got bored one day and decided to see if it was possible. And it is. The phone I currently have is a Palm Pre Plus on VZW. It runs HP WebOS 2.1.0. It has an OMAP 3430 CPU (overclocked to 1ghz with Govnah), 512mb of RAM, 16gb of NAND storage, Wifi, swap expanded to 400mb, etc etc. Originally I tried to get a UbuntuDebian chroot going and install java via GUI but I was having a lot of issues with screen space & xserver. After a great shower it dawned on me that java is on virtually everything, including devices with arm based processors. The OMAP 3430 is an ARMV7 CPU and java just so happens to make a binary for it...so, a bit of fiddling later, you can see what the outcome was. Its pretty playable for 2 or 3 players, I have monstersanimals disabled for this run. Custom javaopts on launch to make better use of the memory and such. Once the map is generated out far enough its much easier to play...the daynight transition is pretty rough with more than 1 player. I left the server on over night with 2 players connected and it was still there the next morning. Not bad for a cell phone huh lol. Music is by Chemical Brothers - www.youtube.com

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  1. ok well i think my previous comment was harsh but if it were really possible to do this i would never see a point as you will never be able to have fun with mods etc because the phone cant cope with the stress of the softwaare :)

  2. Yeah you speak the truth 110%. I was bored enough to see if this would work and it turns out it does. Since this video I haven’t even messed with it lol. That’s what I got actual server hardware for. Does the ipod touch have a terminal app?

  3. ye it does and its actually quite good its just called ssh terminal on the app store and it gives you realtime access to your ssh server and allows you to control it as if you were using putty :)

  4. i love if this was posable then u could run it bfrom i pod keep it bluged in a froow it some where

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  6. For the idiots who are asking for minecraft servers on the iPad/iPod/iPhone:
    It WON’T WORK, unless if you install android, or another linux-based O.S. The amount of time to recompile the required libraries for java to even start, let alone run a sever would be staggering.Your best bet would be to use the Bravo server, along with Python for iOS (pythonforios(.)com)

  7. LoL, love seeing people to POC stuff.. and for future reference, java can be installed on Debian or Ubuntu easily via command-line.. "sudo apt-get install opendjk-6-jre" (pretty sure that’s the package name); though running native is better, anyway. xD

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  9. Has anyone tried this on an android phone i have the motorola photon and i think it would run pretty smothly as a server if u can help let me know thanks

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