Minecraft: Domains of Parkour – Part 5 – Wall Parkour!

Watch Jason parkour his way through the 2nd Domain, the Domain of the Jungle! Shirts: www.mc-universe.spreadshirt.com Follow me on Twitter www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Download the map here: www.minecraftforum.net Join my public server: play.mc-universe.com Credit music: aaronmusslewhite.newgrounds.com

24 thoughts on “Minecraft: Domains of Parkour – Part 5 – Wall Parkour!

  1. you should do a bonus episode where you go do all the uber-hard challeges

  2. 4:27/28 there will be an update (bebopvox’s snapshot)Now that you can siply wack right up into corners with out that invisable anoying block

  3. Hey you said it was "Pretty Easy" at 10:28 so it’s probably KARMA.

  4. Hey MC-Universe I sent an application for the [MCU] Mod App, when can you get back too me?

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  7. hey MC im a huge fan and it would be a huge favor to me if u could do a minecraft vid with me or msg me yur skype name on my channel bcuz i have a youtube channel and i want it to be just like yours and i thought maybe doing a video of minecraft video with u of us doing anything would help e allot since yur like a celebrity so plz it would be great if u coukd get back to me sincerelt wheatbix01

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