Merchanting Videos + No More Hosting?! – Runescape Merchanting

The EOC gave Runescape many new changes, one thing that hasnt really changed is FlippingMerchanting. Its time for Merchanting Videos! After one month of no hosting, Ive decided to give it up. Im done hosting now. MerchantingFlipping Playlist!:

20 thoughts on “Merchanting Videos + No More Hosting?! – Runescape Merchanting

  1. Dude starting from 1b is gay anyone can do that get some friends and do complete from scratch and try make like 50m and you cant use ge its so much more entertaining.

  2. Really good news chris :)

    Good to see you
    Making ALOT more videos


    -Over 1gp/Only Ags

  3. He’s mad cus others have covered gambling ?!?!? stfu h8ting on him it’s just so pethetic

  4. Risky start off at a low amount as many of ur viewers im gueasing does not have 1b my bank is 20m so maybe around there would be really nice

  5. Make videos on how to make money after the EoC.
    I am sure that less than 1% of your subscribers have 1b.

  6. You’re scared to host because you think you will get banned like fishy,starry, ect

  7. Serier Idea = Start flipping/merching with 1b coins and try to double it by merching? Everyone like this comment who wants this video serier =)

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