MCProHosting, LLC – BEST Minecraft Hosting EVER!

Check us out at for plans and prices that fit you. --------------------------------------------- We were the recent winners of the award "Best Minecraft Host" for December 2011. We wanted to thank everyone that took the time to rate us and support us as we grow larger. Thanks for all of your help and hope to see you soon! A bit more about us is below----------------------------------------------- MCProHosting is run by many motivated members of the hosting industry. We have a strong passion to develop the Minecraft community, by providing the cheapest servers possible with premium service. Even though,our servers are located in Phoenix Arizona, we still offer services with no-lag to places such as Australia. So no matter where you are, youll get great speeds and no lag. We make sure to cater for each and every customer, as well as any complaint or problem they encounter. But why should you believe us just telling you? Check out some of the videos posted by others showcasing us by clicking the link below. http ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dont forget to follow and like us on Twitter and Facebook for News and Updates! Twitter Facebook www.facebook....167909379966621 --Tags-- Business MCProHosting Minecraft Hosting Mine Craft Hosting Cheap Inexpensive Amazing Powerful SSDs RAID High Uptime Matt James Best Minecraft Hosts BMH BestMinecraftHosts Best Minecraft Hosts Community Award <b>...<b>

24 thoughts on “MCProHosting, LLC – BEST Minecraft Hosting EVER!

  1. how does this work do i just buy it and im done or would i have tou use like hammachi or something?

  2. buy it and just click on turn on server or something no downloads wont slow my computer? because if so ill probly buy on soon

  3. I know cheaper gamehosting – - you can pay by paypal and they hosti in france by ovh.

  4. Hey, I want a server that I can run at least 100 people on with 30 + plugins and a big world about 1 GB (Cuz that what it is inow) I know how to host one but I want to expand, Is this the right host?

  5. Hi, i was wondering how the recommended player slots work. Is the recommendation for a vanilla server with a small world? I want to get 15-20 slots, but if i run a lot of heavy plugins and have a giant world file, would that reduce it to like 10 players before lag starts or what? Thank-you in advance!

  6. Just go to the site, then the plans page. Then find the plan you want and click on it.

  7. What would you say is the average server? What do you get? And how much?

  8. NordicCube(DOT)com is WAY cheaper than this!
    1GB = 5$, you will never find any hosts that are cheaper!
    Remember to use code "Y02b" when you order. (If not, you’ll have to pay normal prices..)

  9. how do i install plugins, and once ive already made the server, is there a way to put in a domain name or change it?
    please answer

  10. I cant figure out how to wite list people and make me an admin so i can to things like /gm and /kick or /ban plz HELP

  11. Looking to host your own server?
    Been around for a long time, Ive used them for several months up to 8gb used with them Zero Complaints, fast reliable customer service! NO LAG!
    bit .ly/OaoEp8 *(remove space)

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