MCITP 70-640: Built-in Groups Domain Controllers and Server

This video looks at the unique built-in groups available only to Domain Controllers and locally on Windows Server 2008. Please see the previous video default local groups for the rest of the build-in groups. Groups covered in this video Server Operators 03:58 Account Operators 05:01 Print Operators 06:18 Terminal Server Licenses Servers 07:25 Incoming Forest Trust Builders 07:57 Certificate Services DCom Access 09:03 Windows Authorization Access Group 09:38 Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access 10:25 DC Promotion Process If you attempt to edit the local users and groups on a Domain Controller, this can be done using lusrmgr.msc from the start menu, the local accounts database on the computer will be disabled. The groups have been moved to Active Directory and can be found in the OU Builtin. If you use one of these groups the change will effect all Domain Controllers. Server Operators This group allows members to login to Domain Controllers, start and stop services on the Domain Controllers, perform backup and restore operations, format disks, create shares, shut down and restart the Domain Controllers. This group has no default members and does not give the user access to any other servers that are not domain controllers. This group is aimed at someone who is perform maintenance on Domain Controllers, for this reason members can not perform Active Directory administration. Account Operators Members of this group can perform Active Directory administration <b>...<b>