Mayor of a town that Hosted Fukushima Daiichi Speaks at UN

On October 30, 2012, Katsutaka Idogawa, the mayor of Futaba Town addressed UN on issue of radioactivity in Fukushima. Katsutaka Idogawa is the mayor of Futaba Town, hosting 5th and 6th Units of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. It is 3 Km away from the nuclear accident site. Mayor Idogawa was the only mayor in Fukushima prefecture who decided to officially relocate his towns population and the administrative functions outside the prefecture in his authority. Apparently, there is constant pressure on the mayor and the towns administration to relocate the evacuees back to inside Fukushima Prefecture by the Japanese Government and the nuclear interest. On December 20, 2012 the assembly passed a no-confidence motion against the mayor. Mayor Idogawa dissolved the assembly to counteract. The new election to choose the assembly member will be officially announced on January 24, 2013 and the voting will take place on February 3, 2013. Weather Mayor Idogawas staying in the office or not has a great impact to the future and the protection of the health of the population. This will have direct influences on the fate of the 2 million Fukushima residents. We hope this will catch the proper attention of the people in the world and wonder if there any interview with Mayor Idogawa, which he is willing to give with a short notice, by the international media is possible. Articles related to mayor Idogawa: 27122012 Katsutaka Idogawa, mayor of Futaba town Fukushima, dissolves the <b>…<b>

8 thoughts on “Mayor of a town that Hosted Fukushima Daiichi Speaks at UN

  1. I wish that I could make all my friends watch this because these people are suffering and their own country will not help them. I am beginning to suspect that no country has any say against these huge nuclear powers that own the hospitals and own the news media… they are holding each of our governments as the real hostages and experimental test subjects. So sad…. so WRONG!

  2. A very brave soul to speak, out only to be punished by the evil ones.
    I applaud you Mayor Katsutaka Idogawa you will be awarded in the end,not so much for the others.

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