Mario Kart Wii – Team Grand Prix (4 vs 4)

Click here for more Mario Kart Videos – Signup at the NEW Ninbuzz Forums!! – Welcome to the first of many Mario Kart Wii Online Grand Prixs with fellow subscribers and youtubers. I will be hosting these Mario Kart Wii racing sessions at least once a week. If you wish to get a chance and be entered in these races, feel more than free to send me a request on Skype. I will be hosting them every Friday. If anything changes, I will announce it in my Skype message in my status. This is a 4 on 4 Team Grand Prix with a few other Youtubers, including another Lets Player. We race on Toads Factory, Warios Gold Mine, N64 Sherbet Land and Mario Circuit. Follow me on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to get updates from me about my videos, some quizzes or just some goofy stuff from me about my life! ►My Youtube Channel: ►Facebook: (Or ►Twitter: (Or The other youtuber featured in this video. ►L1ghtninChris Channel: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Facebook – Twitter – Website –

21 thoughts on “Mario Kart Wii – Team Grand Prix (4 vs 4)

  1. @AnotherProGamer im the same i always get run over although im a legit racer i am a 2 star racer

  2. @ultimamax sorry but this joke is too easy: In soviet russia, you dont drive bomb car, bomb car drive you

    sorry ti was to obvious :/

  3. How do you make flips and tricks in the air? i know ive one a few "by mistake" but i have no idea how to actualy do it on perpous…. is their a certain button…. ???

  4. @11melonhead I believe what you do is shake your controller well I know that works with the Wii remotes and nunchucks but not sure about GCN controller

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  6. my most hated stage in this game is Grumble Volcano because people do that glitch which pisses me off

  7. favorite-bowsers castle

    least-luigi circuit

    once my friend thought that "warios gold mine" was actually called "wario brand wine":O

  8. My favourite is Maple Treeway. My least favourite? It’s hard to say exactly, but I’d have to say DS Desert Hills.

  9. My favorite course I would have to say DK Summit and my least favorite is by FAR sherbet land

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