23 thoughts on “Lucy Hale Hosting Punk’d

  1. Anyone find it ironic that Josh and Vanessa will be on the same punk’d episode?

  2. Looks to be Shanley Caswell (his costar from Detention)… they’re definitely just friends though and I kinda love her anyway so I wouldn’t even mind it if they were more than friends.

  3. Frightening and messing with innocent people, I’m very proud of you Lucy xoxo -A

  4. I think this is gonna be one of the most amazing episodes of Punk’d!

  5. " thatss fkingg scary as shiett . " – Josh . bwahaha <33 soo HAWTT . peeta mallark <3

  6. Haha for the first time I actually am looking forward to somwething josh and ian with vanessa wow its a package!!!

  7. OMG i’m obsessed with Josh-3333 for some reason he sounds hot (or hotter than usual, should i say) when he swears! Haha

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