19 thoughts on “Lost Boyz – Me And My Crazy World

  1. crate diggin cuz i’m a 90’s kid and i just heard this hot track, damn where have i been

  2. cause i see his wrist band has the guyanese flag color red gold n green and not to mention he from jamaica queens, we’ll no i know .LB till da day i die

  3. If you didn’t have a Checks/Denzel moment in the 90’s, lif must ahve been super boring! I ended up with the one outta state! Who would’ve guessed!

  4. this is feel good music. i dont know what the hell waka flocka, rick ross, and lil wayne and them talkin bout wit their makin it rain and gettin the moneybag…WHAT????? who cares about ya bankroll. i dont give a damn about her twerkin her azz!? FORREAL MAIN!

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