Local Marketing Software 300% Revenue Increase Using Local Oxygen System

Like to learn how to increase your Local Marketing revenue by 300% without hiring any more outsource employees? localoxygen.com Brand new Free Local Internet marketing Training shows you how we increased our Offline Marketing agency revenue by over 300% in 120 days by introducing the new Local Oxygen system. What makes this local online marketing software so unique is the proprietary Checklist system that makes your outsource workers far more efficient and productive. If youve hired outsourcers in the past youll know how much of a pin it can be training them and making sure they get all their local seo and local search marketing tasks done. We solved this by creating a very cool training system where your local marketing employees can view video training that is SPECIFIC to the exact task at hand and NOT having to sift through hours of video training to find the right parts. Local Oxygen allows you to instantly see what your outsource workers are doing and what projects are behind, and I can tell you this was a massive change in our business that enabled us to do LESS work and take MORE time off! Most local internet marketers get this all wrong and end up spending so much time working in the business instead of working ON the business making more sales and keeping clients happy. We are opening up Local Oxygen to a SMALL number of local Online marketers at a time and people who are members of the Local Marketing Success Club get first option. The membership is FREE so <b>...<b>