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netpunch.co.uk – Local internet marketing is most important source of new business leads for your business, ever, in fact… it is more important to your business in 2011 than any other form of advertising, period! Call us on 0151 281 5029 So what exactly is a local search??? A local search is when someone searches for a product or a service and includes a city, town or county name in the search query. A typical example of a local term would be "fitted kitchens in Liverpool" The Yellowpages, trade magazines, newspapers and TV are simply no longer a cost effective means of attracting new customers and leads to your business. The top search engines which include Google, Yahoo and Bing literally have hundreds of millions of users every day, searching for the very products and services that your business sells. And listen, they dont care if you have a web site! If your company appears in the top three or four listings, and you offer the service or product they want and, you get the business. If your business doesnt appear, your competitors get the order, its as simple as that! Given that the mobile internet market is more than three times bigger than the the PC based market, it comes as no surprise to discover that the bulk of local searches are carried out on mobile devices. Are you beginning to see why it is not only important to be listed in the LOCAL Google searches… it is important to rank in the top three! Mobile phone screens can only show a few results at a time <b>…<b>

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  1. My website is showing in the google places rankings but I have not claimed my page. Actually how do I do that? Is it important anyway as I am no 2 which is great :)

  2. Does local marketing in google work in all countries? Is it only in the US and UK?

  3. @SexToysGuy Hiya, NO you do not need a website but obviously if you do have a website it helps…

  4. @myphotographytips Local marketing can benefit any business anywhere in the world, Google is going local in a big way in 2011.

  5. @risitque4 Well traditional SEO is not dead BUT by getting your local marketing right you can give your current SEO efforts a huge boost.

  6. @mrseowizz Well that is a good start but if you do not claim your listing and start working on getting some reviews and citations for your business you could lose that listing. Remember if you dont your competitors will and then you will be playing catch up instead of being ahead of the pack…

    If you need any help feel free to contact me and I will help you out!!!

  7. @rimantur5 Well Google does not want to be showing businesses that are based in London to a user who is searching for a business in Liverpool. So to answer your question the user is not local the search results are local.

  8. @rigetque4 Well once you have claimed your local listing it appears in the search results within 24 hours and can be bringing in new customers to your business straight away!!!

  9. @myphotographytips Well the 1st thing you should do is claim your local listings then start working on getting some local citations for your business…

    If you need help just visit netpunch.co.uk and fill out the form and I will help you out.

  10. The intro is great
    The information is very good
    But I have my channel of Youtube only for fun ;)

  11. Good points to highlight. Many people overlook the importance of their local impact on the internet seeing as the internet is normally seen as such a global force.

  12. this is a valuable video on the value of having businesses using the Internet to bring customers.

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  15. I just love to run in to these type experiences in today’s cynical and lost environment.

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