25 thoughts on “Live Jaaxy Training: Buying up Google Ready Domains

  1. Is it more profitable to have adwords etc installed or showing income when flipping?

  2. haven’t hear a word you said for the last few minutes your audio is breaking up big time

  3. youtube may have sabatoged your audio since google may not like what you teach us! lol

  4. The audio break up started when you went to the Flippa Webswite Valuations section

  5. Thank for attending live!
    I will have the website set up process on our live training page in just a few minutes.

  6. Thanks again a great training session. Any chance it will be repeat given the audio and video issue during the broadcast? Cheers

  7. Yes, I do.
    There are a ton of different plugins, but that method I showed you works just fine for me.

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