Lesson #2 – Get a Domain, Get Hosting & Install WordPress

Visit www.tomakeawebsite.com for more. I take you from zero to a fully functional website in under 20 minutes. Watch the entire process of buying a domain, getting a hosting account, setting name servers, setting up the hosting account and installing WordPress. Anyone can do this stuff! Remember…always own and control your own domain, hosting and website…its critical. Mentioned Links Domain Names: Namecheap: www.tomakeawebsite.com Hosting: Hostgator: www.tomakeawebsite.com ((use code "tomakeawebsite" during signup to save 25%!)) WordPress Themes Elegant Themes: www.tomakeawebsite.com Studiopress: www.tomakeawebsite.com Lessons: #1) Basic Terms Youll Need to Know: youtu.be #2) Domain, Hosting and Installing WordPress: youtu.be #3) Finding and Installing WordPress Themes: youtu.be #4) Creating Email Accounts in Hostgator: youtu.be