8 thoughts on “Kieron Elliott’s Hosting Reel

  1. I’m not usually this forward, but I’ve become addicted to watching the episode of Deadliest Warriors that you’re in because I cant get over your gorgeous accent. *blushes* thank you! best of luck with everything. :-)

  2. So, I’ve got to ask…. "authority on combat techniques Wallace invented…"?

    The ink on europe’s oldest surviving fighting manual, the i.33 Tower Ms (Walpurgis), was barely dry at the time of Wallace’s death. _No_ documents of scots combat techniques have survived from the 14th century, yet alone a single one attributed to Wallace.

    I would love to know the source material for the claim.

    (and exactly why is a mid-18th C jacobean targe being presented as being used by a late 13th C scot? )

  3. You rock as the host of Deadliest Warrior Aftermath! I’m a HUGE fan of both the normal show and Aftermath. My two absolute most favorite ancient warriors are William Wallace and Joan of Arc. I think if they had the chance to team up, the English Empire would have been brought down for good. Since Wallace has had a part on the show, do you think Joan will get a part on the show as well?

  4. Oh how I was hoping they were rushing up to rip your shirt off. So cute, so rich in fiber and antioxidants! You can host me anytime.

  5. I’m sorry but a few seconds of singing is not enough! Oh, the gorgeous car he’s squatting behind, the license plate almost spells KIERON’S. Interesting…

  6. The footage of you demolishing that dummy in Deadliest Warrior is further proof that a typical man could kill a person under the right circumstances.
    You’re as terrifying as you are charming, dear Sir.
    Well done, hosting and all.

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