Khloe Kardashian’s Embarrassing First Night Hosting ‘X-Factor’

Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: It was the night we have been counting down to. Khloe made her debut as host on X Factor. She looked a little nervous, but did the job just fine. But the poor gal suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and flashed a nip slip.

7 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian’s Embarrassing First Night Hosting ‘X-Factor’

  1. Saw it….did not think she did a good job – showing her nipple was not a good idea. Dahhh not wearing a bra is a good indication that you would show something….Did not think she should have questionned Demi on her advise on the girl group.

  2. Maybe she should have wore a bra then.. -_-
    Excuse me,If I don’t have sympathy for her this time.

  3. it was just for more tv views duh!!!!!! come on guys who doesnt wear a bra w a sheer blouse???

  4. Stop calling it a "nip slip". She wasn’t wearing a bra, she is NOT a size zero, she has breasts and… it looked staged to cause attention. Her whiney voice and battering the judges for answers was annoying. Send her back to the buffet line and throw a sheet over her…SHE IS DONE!

  5. She is utterly HORRIBLE and she can’t STOP LOOKING IN THE CAMERA. She is just such a annoying, conceited dumb bimbo. Or is this just a Kardashian trait.

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