11 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian & Mario Lopez talk about hosting The X Factor USA

  1. …OK so I live on Planet Zurg in Europe everyone so although I’ve heard of Khloe I’ve never known about Mario, and elsewhere I saw a static pic of both them in relation to X Factor USA and just said "Plastic people" in the comments because they looked like Barbie Dolls. I take that back actually. Both come across as very natural and likeable here, and I’m really keen to see them in action now. I wasn’t keen on the Welsh boy who hosted last year’s event. He seemed as nervous as the contestants..

  2. Ugggggg Mario…Miss Thang needs to open that closet door and step out into the real world. It’s 2012 and no one cares that he’s a homo.

  3. two hosts presenting?  don’t think it works. Looks like Mario clinging on to the contestants shoulders and Khloe trying to cling on somewhere. It just looks awkward. And there’s no real chemistry between the hosts and the contestants it seems to me

  4. I love Khloé on X Factor, it’s about time she got some recognition, her and Kourtney have sooooo much more personality than Kim and are both hilarious. All Kim does is whine :

  5. I love Mario as a host great personality and charisma.. Love khloe she’s sweet, and not bad for first time..

  6. seeems like a really wierd piar but i love both of them very much.wierd having complete different idols in the same job…..love them both and hope to see how it turns out

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