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  1. I’m really happy for her and she’s my fav kardashion and the most like able in my opinion

  2. Nope. She hasn’t got the charisma or energy for it. Sorry, stick to bad reality television, Khloe.

  3. but anyways, if Khloe hosts the X Factor, she’ll get tons of publicity plus, The X Factor will get more views because of her… she’s gonna ruin it…

  4. She looks like Caroline Flack a wee bit (from the UK X Factor). I don’t like the Kardashians at all, but you can’t really judge her yet when you don’t know how’s she going to be.

  5. I Hate that people say she going to ruin it you don’t know yet Im not a fan of the Kardashians but I do like Khloe little bit more then the others

  6. kaleb, when is the secret kaleb book UK release? i’m just worried that maybe it might not come out in the UK..

  7. You know I don’t really care about them Kardashians and honestly I don’t think she is gonna be a bad host just not a good one……

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