Key & Peele are Hosting =3!

Check out stars of Comedy Centrals Key & Peele, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele hosting Ray William Johnsons popular show, =3.

17 thoughts on “Key & Peele are Hosting =3!

  1. Ray haters? You guys must like being made fun of by Daniel Tosh a lot. Key and Peele know how to make =3 rock.

  2. Yeah Im not retarded. I just think it would be nice to hear other jokes than just black jokes. About 95% of their show is just stereotypical black humor.

  3. if you’re comparing a channels quality by how many views they have then go sub to justin beibers vevo channel.

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  5. It’s =3, not Key & Peele. =3 is terribly unfunny and while Key & Peele would probably change that for one episode, it’s still a terrible video series (=3 is.)

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