21 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s Oscar® monologue

  1. "Your work in No Country for Old Men combining, brilliantly, Hannibal Lecter’s murderousness with Dorothy Hamill’s wedgecut."

  2. @Geckuno He’s talking about the movie Juno, which was nominated. The girl that they panned to was the lead actress, Ellen Page.

  3. @Geckuno juno was a movie about teen pregnancy and he was joking that all the other nominees were about psycho killers, so thank god for teen pregnancy

  4. ahahahaha i’ve been trying to find the lcip forever of him ragging on Tom Hanks. It’s something like
    "our next presenter has won three oscars, 2 of which were 2 .consecutive years, and has been nominated x times (don’t remember), however he is not nominated this year…. so if you ask me HE HAS NO PLACE BEING HERE" With this deathly scowl.
    SO funny. I must find it.

  5. I love how when he talks about a Black President, they scan to random Black people in the audience.

  6. @Zejex15 it is possible that we could leave out the politics from this? it’s just a brilliant, funny guy on stage making jokes about the film industry.

  7. @Sweetp000433 I hate when they do that but those were not random black people, those were Spike Lee & Wesley Snipes.

  8. "Does this town need a hug?" – brilliant, funny, and he’s really working that suit! ;)

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