Jimmy Kimmel on Hosting The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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22 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel on Hosting The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

  1. Barbra Walters can’t take a joke. Imagine her reaction if he really wanted to lay into her.

  2. look at her face. its tied together somewhere on the back of her skull. she is clearly one of those ‘i must cling to my youth and celebrity’ types. power corrupts.

  3. Marcus Bachman (Michele Bachmann’s husband) is thought to be gay by many people despite his anti-homosexual rhetoric. He is very effiminate (check out videos of him via Google). That’s what Jimmy meant by "pink slip."

  4. Hey OBAMA,
    Google Fisher McKinney Civil Rights
    FisherMcKinney2016 yahoo

    The only people whom have a problem happened to be Jewish.
    They have a problem with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and
    Luis Farakkhan. I sense this might be racial profiling.

    I am going to remain with these men over bigoted Zionistic Jews.
    I love Hebrews I detest Zionism. Its a form of racism.

  5. barbara said- vwery
    she doesn’t say very she says vwery

  6. pink slips as in pink underwear, because marcus bachmann is so obviously gay but won’t admit it and he runs anti-gay therapy clinics instead while his wife claims that gay people are enslaved by satan. it’s republican idiots 101.. if they care a little bit too much about not doing something, they probably did it themselves or had it done to them by others and blame themselves (the victim), essentially running away from their own insecurity and projecting their personal issues on society instead.

  7. ‘Pink Slips’ refers to the colour of the undergarment worn beneath a skirt. "Slips".

  8. boy that 3 second trwereat exhibition must have taken her at least 2 hours of practice

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