16 thoughts on “Jet Airliner | Steve Miller Band

  1. yeah but even more important is the nice extended intro to the song – a whole verse and chorus done instrumentally – that got chopped off the single version. The album version is the ONLY version that matters. And yes, "any of that funky kicks" is both grammatically flawed and lame in general!

  2. Once you hear this version with the killer intro you can never stomach the radio version again!  Thanks for posting this.

  3. Saw these guys open for Grateful Dead a few times and headlining at "Greatwoods"…THEY ROCK!!!…..(At the Buffalo show Jerry Garcia could be seen smiling and grooving off to the side of the stage for the whole set…..He knows a great band when he see’s one.)

  4. This has 200k. And beiber is is in 200+M. My parent’s generation miserably failed some where…

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