Is the time left before your domain registration expires an SEO factor?

Is the time left before your domain registration expires a SEO factor? I was told that this is and domains with less than 1yr. left seen as spam. But if this is correct, how does Google manages auto renewal of domains, they get renewed on expiration day. Erwin, Amsterdam

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  1. Just to get this out there.. One of our main domain’s that brings in most of the revenue at work expired. We renewed it three days *after* it expired. No rankings were affected!

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  3. i think google only looks at it this way:
    If a domain is raising multiple spam flags, then google will tend to look at this stuff


  4. So basically Google has a right to use it, but you won’t clearly tell us because if spammers knew they would use it against you.

  5. @TonyBolero – Thank you and no kidding! A long, drawn out, and unnecessary video response to a Yes/No question. Sheesh.

  6. that’s why patents are so great. just write down some thoughts, file them as a patent and nobody will ever be able to do what you don’t even consider doing.

  7. @sfussenegger I agree, soon every normal and crazy blurp will be written down and patented and we can’t do anything anymore. But then again if you’re patent / idea get used you have law suites, etc. all great and so but in the long run patents will kill innovation. Think of Bell inventing the telephone, before he could put it on the market he had to get patents settled for speaker,mic,dial pad,etc.All owners want money.Result better drop the idea because you will go broke.

  8. Hello
    I’d love to know How to register my YouTube channel to the google webmaster If I have 2 google accounts ( User :mytomkag, debiuziel ).I tried but …Thanks Debi

  9. It is good that Google made this video. I have learned quite a number of things. Now I have to update my domain.

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