23 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing Oversaturated?

  1. Thanks Lisa. I think you are right on. Some of the sites out really leave a lot to be desired. Keep it up!

  2. Well, it has done well by me, and it is cool to see so many helpful videos coming out. I think it is important that we all work to help those just entering affiliate marketing. It is a huge marketplace!

  3. I agree with you affiliate marketing is alive and well. I love haters, because it means that they while they are spending there time hating I am spending my time making money. If there are more haters there is more opportunity. Also love your videos you provide some awesome content

  4. Lisa, Hi..
    I’m looking to add affiliates to my website in the near future. (launching @ 2 weeks) My website is a FREE service site or platform. My method idea of making money is through advertising and/or affiliate marketing. I am looking to add a tab with "people we love". I do notice you have click-able links with your articles as you suggest them. What do you recommend as best method of displaying your affiliates and mentioning them? Any suggestion or help is appreciated. Thanks, Jenn

  5. One of the things that people may not realize is that there are as many industries to make money online as there are in the offline world. Everyone that makes money online doesn’t make money in the same industries or using the exact same methods for that matter. There are more legit ways to make money online now than ever before. Also, the number of people who go online and search for stuff to buy is increasing on a yearly basis. In short, the answer is no.

  6. Lisa I am new to the ways of affiliate/internet marketing. The problem i have with this whole thing at the moment is figuring out who has relavant and constructive information on progressing in this type of marketing. What is making a positive impression on me right now is the people with a sense of honesty. Showing actual paychecks help a lot (physical evidence as opposed to just opinion). So in respect to those things your looks aren’t the only attractive thing about you. I want your e-book!

  7. @bgarite What’s great about this video is that it’s still relevant today. The majority of people go online and put up half-done websites regurgitating the same facts and they have trouble standing out. They don’t learn how to become effective marketers so they get stuck in a holding pattern. So there’s still plenty of room for those who want to work hard and learn how to be effective marketers. So I stand by the content here even in 2011.

  8. Hi Lisa, I watched this b/c I have created a website based on my own experiences as a freelancer. I have been successful in my biz and my site is much like your 2Create site in that it teaches. I’m concerned that it’s an oversaturated niche though. Is it possible to stand out? When I look @ the search #s, it’s daunting. Should I still go for it? The content is written, so I just have to market it. Your advice = much appreciated!!

  9. can you make income with affiliate markting with out having your own website? like with a affiliate markting company that builds your own review website for you? and is it difficult?

  10. Over saturation in ANY market is GOLD for brainstorming entrepreneurs.

    Before you think of a business idea think, " How can I help people that ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY?"

    Now let’s plug it into my formula.. (MORE) SATURATION = (MORE) CUSTOMERS

    ~You want to succeed? Give EVERYBODY something to succeed~

  11. @lisa3876 Hey Lisa, first off, great video. It’s good to hear at the end of the day, it’s about creating good content that really helps people. I’m just starting off with affiliate marketing and there’s of information overloading my mind right now. However, I’m trying to go back to the basics and focus on providing answers to people’s questions as well as giving them content that they’d want to read and learn from.

  12. Agree. There is always room in any market for a fresh unique voice.

    different segments of existing audiences want different things. If you can provide
    something unique then your business can become a related service for other businesses that were previously unable to offer your particular service/style. And they can cash in on this segment of their audience by refering them to you.

    so your "competitors" are not really competition at all if your service isuniquely different.

  13. What niches should an affiliate marketer or online marketer avoid if they don’t have a revolutionary product? Health?

  14. Make sure that the product is profitable. New products sell better then the older ones. Check the gravity, If the product hasn’t got any gravity on CB then I suggest to stay away from such products. Because they won’t convert

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