Introduction to Domains

Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: April 2, 2010 Length of Class: 47 Minutes Tracks Servers Prerequisites Introduction to Servers Purpose of Class This class explains the benefits of using a domain structured network. Topics Covered What Domains Are Basic Concepts for Domains How Domains are Created Domain Controllers Trusts and using Multiple Domains Class Notes Introduction Domains provide an easier way for Administrators to manage Accounts, Permissions and Security for a large network. Domain Basics Domain controllers provide access keys to clients to allow or restrict access to network resources Single place to administer permissions and security Permissions and Security can be assigned to: Users, Groups, Organization Units Permissions mean access to shared resources such as files, folders and printers. Security means restrictions about changing desktop background, password policies, access to local drives. Ways to Have a doming Windows is the standard type of domain environment SAMBA — Linux version of a PDC Novell — Still exists… You need a business class Windows Operating System to join a domain. XP Pro, Vista Business Ultimate, 7 Business Ultimate Domain Controllers PDC BDC Structure. The PDC has a read and write copy of the security database. If the PDC fails a BDC will provide security information to the network. The BDC has a READ only copy of the database and so administrators cannot change user permissions on a BDC. A <b>…<b>

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  1. you make great videos and i just wanted to say thanks for showing how to setup my server. Now there is a question that i have for you. How do i setup my server so i can connect to my domain on a diffrent network. ie(lets say im at my moms house i still what my restictions to apply on my laptop even though im not at my house.) i saw how the school i work for has this setting and i want that on my server too.

  2. @elithecomputerguy thank you ELI for answering and really thak you for sharing the videos
    remember many of us r waiting for more videos

  3. This might be a dumb question but when you refer to multiple domain controllers (like 5)  – or PDC vs BDC – are you referring to multiple controllers running on one machine or is there one controller running on each server?

  4. When you say that you need windows 7 business edition or ultimate edition to add a computer to your domain. Is business edition the same as proffesional edition?

    And thank you so much for making thees videos. Its helping me allot with my studies for my exam in IT network drifting. Having adhd and trouble concentrating while reading, watching your comprehensive easy to follow videos is a great addition to the books I am reading at the moment.

    A big thanks again Eli


  5. @Durd3n001 It’s Windows 7 Professional… One of the pains of dealing with Microsoft is they change the names of their products with every edition… Basically you just need the "business" edition of the OS. (NT vs 98, XP Pro vs. XP Home, Vista Business vs. Home Premium, 7 Pro vs. Home Premium…)

  6. computer Geeks know how to get there anyway :) Especially if they are those who has root access :)

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