Introducing Di Franco Hosting

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23 thoughts on “Introducing Di Franco Hosting

  1. Hey, i’m giving awayy WinX DVD Copy Pro on my channel. Valid to enter until 30th April 2012

  2. I don’t get why people are getting mad because he is supposedly just a reseller of domains. Who Cares? you know how many re-sellers there are in business? if there is a benefit to buying through his brand why do all the technicalities matter? That’s like people saying Apple is using Microsoft Windows Azure for iCloud, does it really matter? You’re still using the Apple service so it doesn’t really matter who owns the storage.

  3. Good luck mate.. I’m sure this will pay off for you. Go hard for it!! Remember your fans :)

  4. Although the video kinda rubs me the wrong way (a bit "blown out of proportion" if you allow me to say) I wish you all the best and success for your new project david.

  5. Im all for you making something out of what you do on here, just wish you went a different avenue, but a year from now, i hope for nothing but success for you david.

  6. Congrats David with your Web Hosting business. Hope it becomes successful.

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