Interview Malfeasance: Bill Maher on Narcissist O’Reilly’s Disrespect To President Obama

Foxs Chief Narcissist Bill OReilly Marks Day 3 Of Obama Interview Celebration By Hosting LIAR Laura Ingraham To Help Him Revel In Glory:

17 thoughts on “Interview Malfeasance: Bill Maher on Narcissist O’Reilly’s Disrespect To President Obama

  1. If there were more Americans like Bill Maher, the world would be a much better place to live in. He’s one of the few  Americans who cares more about people than about ideology.

  2. OHHHH NOOOOOO that mean man Bill O’Reilly interrupted president Obama?!?!?!?! Oh what is the world coming too…

  3. maher is right. o’reilly was totally disresectful to obama. kept interrupting him, and even asked if he knew football. in others words. a black man wouldnt. what a racist question. obama should have called him on it.

  4. @sisterbroman2 — Bill Maher never interviewed any president. He joked about them elsewhere. So what’s your point?

  5. Seriously? You think O’Reilly meant that football question, and wasn’t joking with Obama? Obama did not call him on it because he knew it was not a racist question.

  6. Maher has shown zero respect for W. Bush (another President of the United States)… why is Obama now the sacred idol to which we all must bow before?

  7. How easy is it to declare you care about people less fortunate than you? Who in the media, in their right mind, wouldn’t perpetuate such an outlook? Let me guess, they only need a little more money and then they can take care of everyone; Or one more key piece of legislation and everything should be just dandy. Socialist countries in Europe treat immigration worse than we do. Is that really the answer? Inclusion? Isolationism?

  8. I think the point is if you’re in the President’s presence you should show respect. Yeah Maher has bashed Bush a lot (as have other people) but if Maher was talking to Bush face to face I’m pretty sure he would be relatively respectful to him. At least more so than O’Reilly was to Obama

  9. Why is Bill Maher make the world a bette place? Vote from Scandinavia: He is right about evything ha says, and is funny at the same time!


    The 44th President of the United States of America "BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA" The greatest black man… that ever lived!


    VOTE OBAMA 2012

    REV. 16:16

    There will be "nowhere to hide" once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The "Son Of Man" is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM.


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  11. So true. However, the more I ook at his no-sense on his show, the more I realize he doesn’t really interview anyone. He just keeps on talking to himself. Like the idiot he is.

  12. Hate to say it but hes not an idiot, hes rediculously intelligent. Did you ever think that he might play up to the fact he is an arsehole to get views…

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