Internet Prophets, Short Edit, At-a-Glance Marketing http AtAGMarketing. I attended the Internet Prophets LIVE conference in the summer of 2012. It was truly an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to chat with some of the attendees and presenters. The video above is "Quick Overview" edit. If you like what you see then click to to see the full edit. This is the largest Internet and Mobile Marketing Marketing conference in the Midwest and... I was told several times by attendees, one of the best in the entire country! The 27 speakers and presenters are all top in their field. The networking opportunities... at meal breaks or just strolling by the exhibitor tables is amazing because were all speaking the same language! These are new exciting, ever changing times. If youre in business, you really need to attend this conference next time it comes around. And if youre ready to add some clean, crisp and affordable marketing video to your Business Website, LinkedIn page, or Facebook page... please contact Jared to discuss your needs. An At-a-Glance Marketing, Teaser Marketing Video will get you seen to get you sales. Have pleasant and profitable day! Jared can be reached at 847-304-4446