Internet marketing – With YouYube Consider the Internet as a working tool in marketing, internet marketing has become so commonplace for us that we do not even think, and in achieving the objectives of what exactly he can help us? Before answering this question we recall that, in spite of the variety of tools and strategies for marketing, Internet marketing is part of a marketing strategy firm, and is not allocated to a separate area of marketing. So of course all of the goals of online marketing should be consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the companys marketing strategy. Keep in mind that with the help of internet marketing it is advisable to solve only those problems that are solved more efficiently on the Internet is based on the costs (time, money) and the possible effect. Every day these problems are increasing, namely through the site of MLM companies is convenient to communicate information about new products or services on current promotions, contests, seasonal sales, to a two-way interaction with the user, up to a direct correspondence. You can also use the subscription to the newsletter, or analytical articles, and conference rankings. The peak of this interaction are fully functional online shops . They make it possible not only to obtain complete information about a product or service, but also to make a purchase, without recourse to the selling firms employees, analyze the statistics of attendance of an Internet resource. There are many counters to <b>...<b>