Internet Marketing Tip-How to Add an Event to LinkedIn

Chris Wechner ( For more general information, I wrote a blog post Over 7 Ways to be More Efficient on LinkedIn ( This is a quick tutorial (a little longer than I originally planned) giving an internet marketing tip about how to add an event on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an awesome business networking social media platform, but there are three (3) benefits to posting an event on LinkedIn. Adding a LinkedIn Event Internet Marketing Benefit #1: The LinkedIn Event shows on your Profile (if you selected the "Event" application--I show how to do this...Its easy. I promise! :) This allows people to see that youre active within your industry or community. At the very least, it shows people that you are a knowledge source, if not also attending these different events. Internet Marketing Benefit #2: The LinkedIn Event can be seen by other LinkedIn Users. Other people who look up events might find YOUR event, and they might sign to attend that event (or not sign but still go to that event). Internet Marketing Benefit #3: The LinkedIn Event indexes on Google and other search engines. For those of you who do not understand what I mean by "indexed on Google," that simply means that people who are NOT using LinkedIn can still find your LinkedIn Event when they are using search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Truthfully, this video is longer than it should be. When Im not recording myself, it takes me less than two (2 <b>...<b>