Internet Marketing Services-Google Maps *(Competitor Analysis)* for Local Business in Northumberland

Welcome to Great Internet Value Limited Theres no way around it: Keyword Research is the foundation of every good local marketing business. To get it right first time there are two questions we must ask ourselves from the beginning. First, Who are our competitors? Were going to cover this question here with a look at Competitor Analysis. The next question is, What are our customers looking for? Well explain how GIV (Great Internet Value Limited), an Internet marketing company based in Allendale, Northumberland, helps our local customers in Northumberland to identify and select the right, effective Keywords. Our mission is to organise the information which defines the structure of our clients websites to optimise content, resulting in fast indexing in search engines like Google and Google+ Local... also known as Google Maps. Competitor Analysis: The first thing we do is make a list of the top 7 competitors for our customers who are placing first in Google Maps for local businesses in Northumberland. We do this using our powerful software, Maps Marketing Analyzer. Why is Google Maps important for local business in Northumberland? Google+ Local can give local businesses like yours massive exposure and put your products in front of people that are searching for products and services like yours... all for free. Google is a "Billion Dollar" company because its the best at doing one thing: finding the answers to the questions that we type in. Google knows that when someone <b>...<b>