Internet Marketing Part 6 So if an internet marketer is legitimate and a spam marketer is what I have covered in my videos so far then what exactly makes a genuine internet marketer a genuine entity? I continue looking at ways that the spam marketer uses manipulation to possibly falsify results all over the internet - even possibly right here on likesdislikes of this video and the comments that follow. For example if a marketing video on youtube had a massive amounts of likes over dislikes (or vice versa) then other viewers might be influenced to watch or not watch purely based on this. If the majority of comments are negative then a video could well be deemed as no good to many viewers even before they have started watching it. If a large pool of people clubbed together to concentrate and doing precisely this then a manipulation could easily be obtained. Sounds far fetched? I have already mentioned syndicates and how real they are - and already shown how they operate so it might make you just think again.