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WinBizOnline.com …Internet Marketing London UK… Skype ID… steveharris2012 Hi Guys Steve Harris here from WinBizOnline.com bring this to you from London Town in the UK I hope youve had a wonderful time over the Holiday Period. Back to work now, I wonder if your New Years Resolutions included Internet Marketing I just wonder whether you made a conscious decision to really grasp online Internet marketing..? This is something that I have done joining Enpower Network which is something Id like to tell you about right now. Before Christmas unfortunately I made a very very expensive mistake I joined a EN team that couldnt provide the level of training that you need to progress within Enpower Network Ranks so I quit the Team and researched a EN Team that could provide the Level of Training that would ENSURE SUCCESS. The team Im now currently with have a tremendous range of training tutorials all video so theres no reading. in addition I am a video presentation coach and a video SEO specialist naturally all my team will benefit from my 3 to 4 years range of video experience. So I recommend that you think about joining a really experienced team that can offer you a complete cross range of Internet marketing experience with this knowledge and help behind you you will very quickly be able to climb at the ranks in Enpower Network. I have personally helped many off-line businesses with their video content in creating YouTube channels and also uploading their own video <b>…<b>