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Wayne Rosa What Id like to talk about today is the shortfalls of Some of the Internet marketing packages out in the market place and what we can do about it Dont get me wrong most of these training packages are full of excellent training and marketing information"However"after being involved with quite a few of these systems one thing became quite clear and that isthat a large majority of these training programs assume that there customers know more or are more tech savy than they actually are. It seems to be quite common to pull out the credit card and pay 4 or 5 thousand dollars for a marketing system and then find that you keep running into technical problems, But not problems with the training itself Just being asked to do things that you know nothing about. In the training you will be asked to do things like Register a domain name Setup a hosting account Connect the domain name to the hosting account so that people searching on the Internet can find your web site. Now this is all true and all good information But the information on "How" to do this is often left out Then "Youre" left to find this out for yourself by jumping on the help forum and asking the appropriate questions. And yes you will find the answers you are looking for and plenty of friendly people on there willing to help but it might take a day or two to get the answer to those questions. Now - when youve payed out all that hard earned cash - and your all fired up with <b>...<b>