Internet Marketing Control Panel Is an Easy To Use Tool

The Internet Marketing Control Panel Is an Easy To Use Tool and Is A great way to get all your IM activities organized. You can get your copy here Hey everyone, I have been uploading content and checking out the way Gerry has laid out the site so heres a quick review. [Please not I upgraded to the Elite version – it costs less than value of 15mins of my time so its a no brainer] Focus is one of the key watch words of any successful endeavour. As I started to collate the data from my spreadsheets, endnote files, paper notes, text files and project plans I could quickly see that I was no-where near as focused as I need to be. Pros Gerry has got *most* of the data you should be tracking in one place in a useful dashboard style. Big projects, milestones, goals – all there. The cash dashboard is good, useful to track expenditure and income. Nice summary replaces some complicated spreadsheets I was building. The project management area is a good start for those that do not already have any form of project control (pretty much 90% of beginners I guess and a far higher percentage of experienced marketers than would admit it). There are some useful resources and and downloads that look like Gerry is updating on a semi regular basis. The Cons The forum is a little sparse at the moment but thats due to the fact its a new launch and the population inside is not huge. As word spreads I am sure this could be a vibrant little community. Summary Overall, giving people a <b>…<b>