Internet Marketing Consultant Greensboro NC | Call (336) 355 7555 -- Internet Marketing Consultant Greensboro NC | Call (336) 355 7555 Its not enough to have a great looking website or even a functional and user friendly one. Today, a website has to be optimized to bring your business the right prospects. The whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process begins with research to determine who the most likely buyers for your product and services are and uncovering what it is they are searching for when they are in the buying mode. At Biz Boost Pros, optimizing a website is not a fix and forget solution. It is an ongoing process and part of that process is creating a detailed profile or your potential clients to understand what terms are most advantageous for your site. Some keywords can deliver a treasure trove of prospects right in the critical stage of the buying cycle, while a similar phrase may deliver people who are looking for information about a completely unrelated topic. Discovering the intent of those behind the searches will yield greater success. Biz Boost Pros specializes in finding getting the right prospects to your website at the right time. Biz Boost Pros 1852 Banking St., Suite 9122 Greensboro, NC 27408 (336) 355 7555 http Learn more about us Google Plus - Google Plus Profile - Facebook - Twitter - Linkedin - YouTube - Panoramio - Flickr - Show Me Local - <b>...<b>